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The Philadelphia Chapter of the

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Established in 1936


Railfan Pictures of the Day - 3/3/2010

The streets of Philadelphia PA March 3 2010
Silverliner V single unit 701 (incidentally numbered the same as the mockup) wound its way through part of Philadelphia on its way to SEPTA's Liberty Yard this morning. The first mention of the move came before dawn via the traffic reports as a "wide load" or "SEPTA's new trolley" was tying up traffic on Roosevelt Boulevard before exiting onto Hunting Park Avenue.
Unlike the mockup which was mostly a shell, 701 is a complete car, with the 65+ tons of weight that goes with that, so it had to travel a different route. Instead of taking Hunting Park Avenue to Clarissa Street where Liberty Yard is located, it detoured onto Germantown Avenue.
Haven't seen something under wires on Germantown Avenue in a long time.
Wires are what caused the trip to take so long, wires and traffic signals like those at Germantown and Windrim Avenues. A few wire trucks were used to lift the wires out of the way.
Finally 701 clears the trackless trolley wires near Wayne Junction Station and all that is left is some heavy lifting.

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