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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 01/26/2003

CSX 8734 was the leader on K276 which rearended Q174 near Wayne Junction
Q173 is the first southbound after track was repaired
K651 empty Tropicana Orange Juice train
CS101 pulling K276's cars off Richmond Industrial Track
CS101 with cars from K276
Q176 stopped at CP Nice waiting for Q409
Q176 on the move
CP Nice CSX Trenton Line Philadelphia Pennsylvania
January 26, 2003

The derailment last night on the CSX Trenton Line just above Wayne Junction caused a small backup of trains both north and south of Philadelphia. K650, the northbound Tropicana Orange Juice train, was rerouted to the NS Harrisburg line, but most other trains waited until this morning when the track was cleared. Here is a synopsis from CP Nice this morning.

07:30 AM - 13:00 PM

CS101 comprised of two rescue engines and K276's power sitting at CP Nice. Q173 and K651 coming south from Trenton. CS100 (probably C770's power with the remnants of K276's consist) heading north. Also thought there was a Q300 mentioned. About a dozen of K276's cars sitting on Richmond Ind Track just east of CP Nice. CSX Hi rail equipment waiting at CP Nice as Hulcher and Corman equipment is removed. At least one container visible on the ground at accident scene, but it has been pushed clear of the track. NI asks track foreman if the track is passable. Yes is the reply, but they would like to replace the rail, which would take about 1.5 hours. NI gives them the OK, sends CS101 back to RG and then sends two Hi Rail trucks north to replace rail. CS101 rescue engines will return after Q173 and K651 pass CP Nice. CS101 passes unknown trailer train with no power on north end at Cherry Street on way to RG.

Rail is replaced and a 10 MPH speed restriction is put in effect between CP Nice and CP Newtown. Q173 and K651 come south, and CS101 returns to pick up cars on RIT and return to RG. Q176 held at CP Nice as Q409 comes south. Q176 sent north followed by Q418.

c. 2003 John P. Almeida


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