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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 02/01/2004

Tropicana Orange Juice cars on CSX K650

CSX Trenton Line Woodbourne Station Langhorne PA January 29 2004


One of the rarest sights on the Trenton Line is a daylight run of the Tropicana Orange Juice train. K650 and its return empty train K651 are scheduled to run between Eastside in Philadelphia and North Jersey in the dead of night, between 01:00 and 04:30. One of the highest priority trains on the line, it usually keeps to schedule. Fortunately for us northerners, nature and fate can intervene, and we get a treat like we did on Thursday, when it passed in the late afternoon, about 15 hours late.

The train has gone through several phases in the 30+ years it has been running. Initially the cars were all white, then changed to orange, and now the newest cars are back to white. For a time a few years ago almost half the train was made up of blue CSXT and FGE cars. No matter what the color, it is easily one of the most interesting unit trains running anywhere.

The 2xxx series cars are insulated and come in an older orange paint scheme.
The orange color however can vary as you can see from TPIX 2090 and the car in front of it.
These cars are gradually being replaced by refrigerated cars.
The TPIX 12xx series feature exterior ribs as opposed to the smooth sides of the 2xxx's.
The newer cars in the TPIX 3xxx series have exposed refrigeration units and white paint scheme.
Here is a shot of TPIX 3061's exposed refrigeration unit end.
The taggers evidently prefer the new white cars for obvious reasons.
The CSXT 19xxxx series feature white paint and enclosed refrigeration units accessed through openings on the car side. A few years ago, blue CSXT cars would run along with the TPIX cars.
All pictures January 29 2004 c. 2004 John P Almeida
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