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The Philadelphia Chapter of the

National Railway Historical Society

Established in 1936


Railfan Pictures of the Week - 11/14/2004

From the Zoo Balloon high above Zoo Interlocking Amtrak Northeast Corridor Philadelphia PA
A lone Genesis unit, east of Zoo, reverses toward 30th Street Station. June 20 2004
A eight man skull passes under the bridge east of Zoo. In this picture and the one above, you can see where the concrete ties end near the switches. July 4 2004
This is the Engleside Connection, or as much as one can see of it from across the river and 400 feet up. The track, which connects the Trenton and Harrisburg Lines to the Delair Branch and South Jersey, curves from the extreme lower right corner of the picture, around the substation in the middle and then parallels the NEC which is to the left. July 10 2004
The lone Genesis has some company today in the form of a ballast hopper. August 7 2004
Amtrak uses the former yard at Zoo for storage of trailers. August 7 2004
There's that Genesis/hopper pair again, this time passing Zoo Tower as the train is coming out of the New York to Pittsburgh Subway connection between the NEC in the foreground and the Harrisburg Line, aka Keystone Corridor, in the background. September 12 2004
The mini-ballast train then reverses to 30th Street Station, passing in front of the tower. Behind the substation are a few Amtrak Express reefers, stored pending disposal. September 12 2004


All pictures c. 2004 John P. Almeida
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