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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 09/11/2005

CSX Bethelhem Branch Lansdale PA September 9 2005

CSX B738 has just returned from working the Bethlehem Branch, and is at Eighth Street about to shove the cars, which it has just picked up from the customers, onto the Bethlehem Industrial Track (aka the BIT, also the former Reading southbound main), where they will wait for the overnight transfer job C746 to take them to South Philadelphia on Sunday night. Coincidentally, that power will most probably be the SD40-2's that they are using now, 8201 and 8125 (in the distance). They on occasion will use the C746 power for the local work, as they did this day when they chose the six-axles over the more frequently used four axles, currently GP40-2 6130 and GP38-2 2578.

After examining the first car, a loaded CSX gondola filled with scrap metal, they found it to be a little bit pregnant, and brought it back to Lansdale to figure out what to do with it. Here the conductor watches over the wanna-be wide load as they pass Eighth Street in Lansdale. Looking down the line, you can also see why the profile of the Bethlehem Branch is usually referred to as a roller coaster.
As it got closer, the sagging of the side panels became more apparent.
It looked like it was going to burst and spew metal shavings everywhere.
And, off topic, this may be just a CSX thing, but they seem to have the largest collection of mismatched numberboards among all the Class I's, as illustrated by 8125's and 8201's rear boards.
A SEPTA Lansdale local has just arrived ahead at the station on the same track but beyond this train's operational area, while the outbounds waiting on the BIT to the right are the conductor's main concern for now. As for the car, not sure what they can do with it other than take it back to the customer and have them either take a little out to see if that will help, or have them empty it completely and bad order the car.


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