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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 11/27/2005

Amtrak Northeast Corridor Eddington, Torresdale and Holmesburg Jct November 27 2005
What happens on one of the busiest travel days of the year? Stuff happens, and this time it happened to Amtrak Keystone Train 643. Here it is, pulled by motor 951, passing Eddington Station, MP 71.6, at 12:07. Shortly after this, 951 died an inexplicable and sudden death, and the train slowed to a stop on Track 3 at MP 75.5, just west of the Torresdale curve.
There were two trains behind Train 643. Amtrak Regional Train 195 was on Track 3 west of Bristol when CETC-7 told them to come to a stop, and Train 91 the Silver Star had just left Trenton. CETC told Train 195 it would have to send the conductor to the rear, as they were going to reverse to Grundy Interlocking to get to Track to and around Train 643. Meanwhile, Train 91 was coming down Track 4, and after much discussion, was asked if they had room for the passengers from Train 643, which was only going to Philadelphia anyway. The response was affirmative and Train 91, passing Eddington at 12:29, was told to proceed to MP75.5 and pull along side Train 643 to allow transfer of the passengers.
While Train 643's passengers were transferred, CETC ran a two track railroad between Grundy and Holmes, as Acela Express 2252 passes them on Track 1 at Torresdale Curve at 13:03 ....
and Extra 3095 with NJT Jersey Arrows passes at 13:25 on Track 2.
Finally the transfer was complete and Train 91 heads west, passing Holmesburg Jct at 13:33.

Amtrak MP15-D 579 was sent from Morrisville down Track 4, reversing at Holmes to head back east to couple up and take Train 643 to Philadelphia. Train 643 finally passed Holmesburg Jct at 14:19, reportedly with one handicapped passenger, who was unable to transfer to Train 91, on board.


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