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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 02/12/2006

CSX Greenwich Yard South Philadelphia PA April 16 2004
In response to a query on one of the Yahoogroups websites, the following pictures and sad, sad story are submitted for your perusal: At least a few years ago, a couple of former PRR/PC MP54's were on their way to the Wilmington and Western Railroad, but instead of reaching their destination, they wound up in the twilight zone, as they have been in limbo sitting in South Philadelphia's Greenwich Yard ever since. These pictures were taken during a day spent escorting a reporter from Time Magazine around various locations in the Philadelphia area as part of an article about who railfans are and why we do what we do (other subjects that day: PCC's rotting away, ore mules rusting away and Colorado DMU on display).
Marked "DO NOT HUMP" and bearing Wilmington and Western Railroad reporting marks, the two were evidently placed behind the locomotives during their transit, and were reported to have promptly had their couplers mangled.
WWRC 435 and WWRC 430 were eventually moved to Greenwich Yard, where they have sat on rails that apparently are now isolated. Don't look now, 430, but your PC Green is showing.
Keeping them company in this "land of the lost" was this EL bulkhead gondola, EL 43663.


All pictures April 16 2004 Copyright © 2006 John P. Almeida

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