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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 05/21/2006

SEPTA Main Line and Doylestown Branch Lansdale and New Britain PA May 18 2006
SEPTA has maintenance work scheduled for the Doylestown Branch until August of this year. They are currently doing tie replacement and dumping new ballast, which is why they sent up this ballast train last week. Here RL1A 60 with long nose forward leads the train past Hancock Street just south of Dale Interlocking. Notice the unusual end louvers on 60.
Accompanying 60 was BL1500 51. As for the look from the employee, over the years I am sure many railfans have gotten that look, as in "Huh? What is this bozo taking a picture of ?????".
Bringing up the rear is SPAX 2000, as in "if it occupies the rear of a train, it must be a caboose". Ahead of the sort-of bay window caboose were a couple of SEPTA's ballast cars, converted covered hoppers that had holes cut in their side sheets to prevent overloading with ballast, which is much denser than the commodities that the cars were designed for.
Now on the Doylestown Branch, the train is approaching School House Lane. In the foreground, you can see one of the many switches that have been removed from the line as freight business dries up. There are currently only two freight customers on the Doylestown Branch: Lansdale Warehouse and 84 Lumber.
After stopping on the main at Forest Siding, the engines are cut away and run around the train in order to shove the ballast cars east so they can start dumping east to west.
Approaching New Britain Station, the engines are now against the caboose.


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