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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 09/17/2006

Conrail Abrams Yard Upper Merion PA September 1994

This is the start of a series that will feature Conrail freight cars that were hanging around Abrams Yard near Philadelphia a dozen years ago. First up, several of Conrail's long flat cars. Flats are usually at the low end of the freight car population due to their limited uses, and the long flat cars are at the low end of the flat car population (unless you happen to be TTX). Fortunately, these pictures are all "two-fers", as the flats were hauling a number of cars that were damaged in a derailment (from the types of most of the cars involved, it might have been a Morrisville Line train).

Here refrigerated car SPFE 456150 is loaded onto Conrail flat car CR 725514.

Tank car CONX 2316 on Conrail flat CR 725576
Tank car UTLX 65922 on Conrail flat car CR 725547
Refrigerated car SPFE 469565 on Conrail flat car CR 725262, a former MDT car that was leased by the Reading. At the time these cars were built, MDT was affiliated with the New York Central, hence the Jade Green paint. These cars are still found in MOW service.
Penn Central H43D hopper car PC 480521 on Conrail flat car CR 715503, one of a couple hundred built for the NYC as Lot 888F in 1960.


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