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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 10/01/2006

Conrail Greenwich Yard Philadelphia PA October 1994
Conrail G39B ore jenny CR 501449, cast iron trucks with friction bearings
Conrail G39A ore jenny CR 501042 with roller bearings
Conrail G39A ore jenny CR 501814, the former PRR 13660. Some of the cars carry the AAR mechanical classification GT, defined as an open top car having high fixed sides, fixed or hinged ends and a solid bottom, suitable for unloading on dumping machines only.
Conrail G39A ore jenny CR 502007. Notice the reporting marks and number painted on the truck side frame.
Conrail G39A ore jenny CR 501520. The heritage number follows the PC scheme, identifying the car as P13542, as in PRR 13542. The yellow dot on black square places the age of the paint job between 1976 and 1978, probably more toward the earlier date as the placement of the reporting marks and number were not very standardized in the early years of Conrail.
Conrail G39A ore jenny CR 500714. Paint job also from the 1976-1978 era, but this time the heritage is marked PRR 13267 and the CR reporting mark and number are in a more familiar place.
Conrail G39A ore jenny CR 501630. Still in its PRR black, you can see the R peeking out above the 30, as well as much of the PRR era data like the 5-64 build date. Also of note, the major problem with the poke holes on the G38's is apparent on the ground in front of the right truck. A photo essay on the G38's is coming soon.


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