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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 10/22/2006

Conrail Abrams Yard Upper Merion PA October 1994
The Pennsylvania Railroad was famous for doing things "its way", and when it came to coil steel cars, they of course had to be built to their own specifications. The prototype G40 PRR 387000 demonstrated the concept, but after its construction in 1964, it was decided to downsize the subsequent cars. The result was the G41/G41A class of gondolas. Built in 1965, many (including the lone G40) found their way onto the Conrail roster where they held down jobs shuttling to and from various steel plants. They could frequently be found in Abrams Yard waiting to make a trip to Lukens Steel in Coatesville PA. Originally fitted with hoods to protect the steel rolls, by this time the hoods had long since disappeared.
Conrail G41 coil steel gondola CR 606362, despite a patch renumbering, still wears its original PRR paint and keystone.
Conrail G41A coil steel gondola CR 606641, PRR 387297, got a big Conrail "can opener" logo.
Conrail G41A coil steel gondola CR 622902, former PRR 387113, got a medium size logo. Evidently most Conrail G41/G41A gondolas were renumbered to the 606xxx series from their Penn Central numbers in the 622xxx series, but some like 622902 retained the PC number.
Conrail G41A coil steel gondola CR 606302, PRR 387221, has a quickie stencil job with letters and numbers out of the PC bag but with the medium Conrail logo.
Conrail G41A coil steel gondola 606653, PC 622719. Interesting how the rust pattern on the side mimics the coils in the cradle.
Conrail G41A coil steel gondola 622754 wound up with a small logo.


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