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Established in 1936


Railfan Pictures of the Week - 11/19/2006

SEPTA Lansdale Station and CSX Lansdale Yard Lansdale PA November 16 2006
Local law enforcement tactical response teams participated in drills on SEPTA equipment at Lansdale Station on November 16 2006. SEPTA provided a train that consisted of one of each of their current MU fleet: Silverliner IV married pair 392 and 393, Silverliner III 229 and Silverliner II 255. The train was parked on the runner at the station. They also staged a drill on a Route 96 bus that was laying over in Lansdale.
So as not to alarm passersby, signs were placed on the station platform ...
and at the grade crossing at Main Street. The outbound platform was used as a staging area.
Those in charge requested that no pictures be taken of the teams during the drills, due to security reasons. This shot, not during a drill, shows a SEPTA employee demonstrating to the group (out of the picture) how to lower a pantograph.
While they were at it, the teams were also given a short briefing on the diesel units that were in the freight yard. Pictured before the drill were SEPTA catenary inspection car OPS0152, CSX GP38-2 2746 and CSX SD40-2 8851.


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