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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 12/17/2006

SEPTA Main Line Lansdale PA December 7 2006
One of the goals of the signaling upgrade on SEPTA's Main Line is to increase train speeds. Unfortunately, that might come as a dangerous surprise to the locals that have gotten into some very bad habits. It started at 8:44 as Train 519 with a trio of Silverliner II's pulls into Lansdale Station.
Better lighting would be had at Hancock Street just south of Lansdale, so a move was made to that grade crossing. As the crossing circuit activated, the bells began to ring, the lights flashed and the gates started to go down, a white pickup truck gunned its engine and sped through the crossing so fast didn't have a chance to snap a picture. However, the next car, a Prius a few car lengths behind, was also in a hurry as it slipped under the lowering gates at 8:51:58.
Four seconds later, with the gates down and flashing, an Audi runs the crossing at 8:52:02.
At 8:52:30 Train 519 arrives, and luckily no one else decided to risk their lives and an hefty traffic ticket for a mere half a minute.


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