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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 02/11/2007

CSX Trenton Line Langhorne PA February 5 2007
The day after Q301 derailed near Yardley Station, the same set of power had more difficulties at the head of Q300. Just before sunrise, the train went into emergency west of Langhorne. The problem this time was a pull apart, but with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below zero, it is not a good time to have to get out of the cab and take a walk. Normally 50 MPH territory, the train is standing still for a photograph just as the sun peeks over the horizon at 7:15. The seemingly jinxed pair were CSX CW60AC 5010 and CEFX SD40-2 3135.
Luckily for the crew, a maintainer was nearby to lend a hand.
Meanwhile, SEPTA kept its service on time, although they were single tracked east of Wood to Trent with CSX MOW replacing rail on Track 1 at the site of the Q301 derailment.
It is now 9:30, and Q300 has taken some of its train up to Woodbourne Yard about three miles away, while the rest of it waits on the main.
To add injury to insult, after the pull apart, a covered hopper was found to be punctured, evidently by debris. NAHX 62266 was spilling a white powder out of two of its three bays.
The engines return to pull the rest of the train into the yard to set off the various offending cars.

Q300 finally made it out of Pennsylvania about seven hours after all the fun started, here at 14:00 passing the site of the Q301 derailment the day before. For this train, it was a long turn.

BTW CEFX 3135 is one of the SD40-2's in the shell of an SD45.

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