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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 05/11/2008

SEPTA Main Line Lower North Wales PA May 6 2008


One of the main goals of SEPTA's capital improvement projects is to put high level platforms at every station possible. Almost all of the stations along the Doylestown Line have them now, Fort Washington got its platforms earlier this year, Jenkintown will soon get them on the south side of Greenwood Avenue, Ambler is also on the list. North Wales has been a work in progress for the past several months. Having completed most of the work on the outbound platform, SEPTA has turned its attention to the inbound side, with work commencing on May 5 2008.
While the wire train work and station project continue on Track 1, R5 Doylestown trains from 9:00 to 15:00 are running on Track 2. Here Train 6523, a trio of Silverliner II's led by ex-Reading 9009, approaches the station.
The high level platforms are being implemented in hopes that they will reduce dwell times at stations through faster loading and unloading at intermediate stops, especially when used with the new Silverliner V cars that will feature a pair of double doors oriented toward the middle of the cars.
The North Wales Station was on SEPTA's hit list for a time. The plan was to replace current structure built in the 1870's with that of a "modular" design (read: TRAILER). It seems to have dodged a bullet for now. The building's somewhat garish paint scheme was courtesy of the last business to use the building, the Hickory Pit Barbeque Restaurant.

The "shepherd's crook" lighting adds an appealing nostalgic look to the otherwise modern pre-fabricated concrete platforms.


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