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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 07/06/2008

Hyundai Rotem Plant Busan South Korea June 2008


While the seating between the doors (the heaviest traffic area) is 2+2, from the doors to the ends it is 3+2, which will maximize car capacity at 109 seats.
With the center mounted doors, the Silverliner V's have been compared to subway cars like those on the Broad Street Line or Market-Frankford Line. However, these doors have a partition and handrail between them and function as separate doors, whereas the subway cars do not.
Another cab interior view showing the various switches including the SL IV COMBINE switch, which interestingly has settings for SL 4 (not SL IV), OFF and NORMAL. Under normal operating conditions, the SL V's will not be combined with SL IV's. However, SL V's and IV's can work together in emergency pushing and towing service with the SL IV's propulsion cut out, leaving only communications, environmental controls, doors, buzzers and brakes functioning on the IV's.
From the door looking out at the shop floor and the bottom frame of a sister car.
The railfan seat will offer windows for both forward and side views. Now if the windows were only kept clean .....

All pictures June 2008

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