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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 07/13/2008

SEPTA Main Line and Stony Creek Branch July 10 2008


In previous years, the local four axle power based out of CSX Lansdale Yard usually wandered no farther south than Glenside until it was swapped out for its quarterly maintenance or perhaps, if they were in need of fuel or repair, tacked on to a C746 run on a Sunday night when there was no B745 nighttime local. That meant if they did not go down to either Greenwich Yard or Eastside Yard in Philadelphia, they would need to be refueled in Lansdale. From observation, local oil dealer Walton had the contract and on occasion would tend to the needs of the engines, parking their truck in the Madision Street parking lot to gain access.

Now, due to the price of diesel, CSX no longer uses Walton, instead prefering to bring the engines into town. But this also has its price ....

9:30 CSX B738 follows SEPTA train 6523 down the SEPTA Main Line ...
passing the wire train just north of Hancock Street. B738 is heading for Eastside Yard for fuel.
Meanwhile, the inbound cars, along with C746's power, will wait, as will its customers up the Bethlehem Branch. Service used to be daily, but in recent months it has been reduced by half.
It is now 16:30 and B738 is on its way back to Lansdale, here approaching the last remaining signal on the Stony Creek Branch at West Point.
Rolling off the Stony Creek Branch at Dale, B738 returns to Lansdale 7.5 hours after departing. CSX saves money on fuel, but loses a day's work on the Bethlehem Branch.

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