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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 07/20/2008

CSX Lansdale Yard and SEPTA Main Line July 15 2008


The beginning of an unusual day finds CSX GP40-2's 6158 and 6156 alone in Lansdale Yard. The six axle C746 transfer power has not been seen in days, possibly due to a power shortage caused by warranty repairs on some of the latest big GE units.
While the six axle power is on hiatus, the four axles are pulling down all three jobs, although not at the same time. The previous night's B745 was annulled to allow 6156 and 6158 to run down as C746 into the city and bring back some, but not all, of the inbounds. The next day they run as B738, here shifting the yard in preparation for work up the Bethlehem Branch.
After servicing the branch in the morning, the noon hour finds the engines sitting on the Bethlehem Industrial Track at Lansdale Station. The question is why?
The answer is strange, but given the more recent operations out of Lansdale, not surprising: they are heading down the SEPTA Main Line to Wayne Junction where they will take the Blue Line Connection to the Trenton Line on their way to South Philadelphia's Greenwich Yard. There the cars from the missing C746 are waiting for a ride back to Lansdale. So, after waiting for the northbound SEPTA local to clear Dale Interlocking, they are on their way south, passing the SEPTA wire train working on Track 2 at Pennbrook Station. Stay tuned for Part Two.

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