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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 12/28/2008

SEPTA Doylestown Branch and Fortuna Station Hatfield PA December 22 and 23 2008


On December 22 2008, a three car set in Doylestown woke up dead, and at first SEPTA was going to dispatch the wire train to get it and bring it back into town, but then decided to send Extra 51 up instead. Here 51 is heading east on the Doylestown Branch passing the old American Olean Tile plant.
Back in July, Lansdale Borough approved a plan to build a connecting road and a 160 space parking lot if a proposed train station were build on this site. The road would probably connect with the partially finished Ninth Street grade crossing just to the west of this spot.
If the new train station were built, it would probably mean the end of Fortuna Station at Cowpath Road, pictured to the right as Extra 51 pulls the dead cars past.
With no power and thus no marker lights, a red flag in the window is used to mark the end of the train.
The next day, a four car train also woke up dead in Doylestown Yard, but this time they brought them back using the power from Train 6523, making it a seven car train comprised of Silverliner II's, III's and IV's. Pity they did not use the wire train as it was already up in Doylestown, pictured here at Fortuna following 6523.
SEPTA 601 brings up the rear of the wire train ...
and displays its new paint job on its cab end, courtesy of taggers down at Wayne Junction.

All pictures December 22 and 23 2008 Copyright © 2008 John P. Almeida

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