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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 04/12/2009

CSX C946 all over the place April 5 2009
Sunday morning April 5 2009 found the CSX power slumbering in the yard at Lansdale. Three ex-Conrail SD40-2's (8868, 8866 and 8811) were on Track 4 coupled up to the local power, GP40-2 6318 and GP38-2S 6392, and a refrigerated box car that the two four axles had retrieved on Friday. In the foreground are a couple of the bumper posts that were on the losing side of encounters with cars over the years.
Later in the day, an extra crew was dispatched and after grabbing all the outbounds, CSX C946 (regular runs are C746) started its run to Philadelphia with a 10 MPH stroll down the Stony Creek Branch. They are approaching the middle crossing of North Wales Road on the branch, which, as it winds down toward Norristown, crosses North Wales Road three times: once under and twice at grade.
Heading compass west but railroad east, C946 entertains motorists at Germantown Pike in East Norriton. The reason for the run down the branch rather than the more direct and faster SEPTA Main Line is a clearance issue due to the lone TTX high cube box car near the hind end of the train. Fortunately for the Sunday afternoon traffic, it is a short train.
After starting out in CSX Lansdale Yard and rolling on the CSX Bethlehem Branch, SEPTA Main Line and CSX/NS/SEPTA Stony Creek Branch (which the train is pictured here exiting at CP Elm), C946 is back under wires on SEPTA's Norristown Line at Marshall Street in Norristown.
The railroad in Norristown that encompasses CP Island, Bridge and Kalb forms a wye, so C946 pulls down to the Norristown Transportation Center in order to shove back to CP Norris onto the NS Harrisburg Line at Abrams Yard, a move that will have the engines once again facing in the right direction to continue their journey. Otherwise they would have to run around their train in the yard as the CSX intermodals Q190 and Q191 do daily, much to the delight of NS dispatchers.
Finally, with the excepted track and reverse moves behind them, the engines get to stretch their legs on the NS Harrisburg Line, pictured here in Swedeland, heading for CP Rock, Belmont, Zoo and eventually South Philadelphia.

All pictures April 5 2009 Copyright © 2009 John P. Almeida

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