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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 4/25/2010

SEPTA Doylestown Line Landale PA April 21 2010

Usually SEPTA operates the older Silverliner II's and III's together, preferring to run the Silverliner IV's by themselves, but thanks to some midday moves on the West Trenton and Doylestown trains, some mixed consists can be found on a fairly regular basis. On the Doylestown runs, Train 542 cuts two or three cars at Doylestown, returning into the city with the remaining cars as Train 531. For the evening rush, Train 558 picks up those cars and returns as 553 which runs all the way to Thorndale. There is a similar move on the West Trenton Line involving Trains 4354/4145.

On April 21 2010, Train 542 is led by Silveliner III 226 as it departs Lansdale Station.

Behind 226 were Silverliner II's 269 and 259 ....
and a Silverliner IV married pair bringing up the rear.
After cutting of the three lead cars, the married pair with 338 on the point heads back into town as Train 531.
Train 558 ran up to Doylestown with a Silverliner IV "pair and a spare" combination ...
returning as 553 with the Silverliner II's and III from 542 tacked on the end.

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