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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 9/26/2010

SEPTA Main Line Fern Rock Station Philadelphia PA September 25 2010
SEPTA held their annual RailRodeo at Fern Rock this year, and although it was advertised as an invitation only affair, they wound up opening the doors to the general public. Stephen Anderson took these shots of the equipment on display at Fern Rock Station. On the subway side, SEPTA offered visitors a round trip through the yard using a pair of Kawasaki cars.
On the railroad side, they featured a cross-section of most of the equipment they run, all open for inspection. In order north to south on Track 0, Budd Silverliner II 269 wearing its PENNSYLVANIA letterboard ...
St. Louis Silverliner III 233, another ex-Pennsylvania car, ...
General Electric Silverliner IV 280 sporting the new LED display above the cab. Both 280 and 233 were also displaying the new and old destination signs ...
Rotem Silverliner V married pair 802 and 801 ...
ABB ALP-44 2308, SEPTA's only one ....
and last but not least, the new GenSet 70.
As for the burning debate regarding the railfan window in the Silverliner V's, 802 was set up with partition wall behind the still-in-place railfan seat, two rear facing seats and a door that can be used to convert it to either half cab or full cab ...
while its mate 801 still has the as-delivered half cab setup.

All pictures September 25 2010 Copyright © 2010 Stephen Anderson

Photographs for personal use only. All rights reserved by original owner of image. Reproduction or redistribution in any form without express written permission is prohibited.

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