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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 06/12/2011

SEPTA Main Line Melrose Park Station Melrose Park PA June 6 2011
SEPTA usually runs a pair of push-pull (aka bomber) sets out of West Trenton for the weekday morning rush. Trains 6321 and 6325 are the only bombers run on the Reading side (the others operate out of Thorndale, Trenton, Elwyn and Newark on the Pennsy side) and feature one of the AEM-7's (or the lone ALP-44) and either a mix of the original SEPTA Bombardier cars (spotting feature - no center door) and the second batch (center door), or the former NJT Comet I set. One set overnights in West Trenton Yard and the other deadheads up from Wayne Junction in the early morning. On June 6 2011, both sets woke up dead, which is becoming a more and more frequent occurence for these 20+ year old engines. SEPTA RL1A 60 was dispatched to West Trenton to bring back the set in New Jersey, here seen passing Melrose Park Station just before 10:00.
Meanwhile, SEPTA genset 70 had been dispatched up the line earlier to pick up three new Silverliner V cars (709, 815 and 816) at Woodbourne Yard, passing Melrose around 11:00 heading for Wayne Electric.
With mere minutes left in the morning, Extra 60 rolled by, towing AEM-7 2306 and its accompanying coaches heading directly to Frazer Yard for some TLC (or a stern talking to).

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