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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 12/04/2011

SEPTA Main Line Lansdale Station November 11-30 2011
SEPTA has evidently hired a group of new engineers and conductors as the month of November was filled with a number of training trains and one of the favorite destinations for these trains is Lansdale Station. Here on Armistice Day, a pair of Silverliner III's led by SPAX 239 pause on the industrial track at the station while the crew takes lunch.
After a few runs between Carmel and Dale, the trains return in the afternoon to either Roberts Yard near Wayne Junction or Powelton Yard near Thirtieth Street Station. Here 239 and 229 depart heading for Powelton with the Lansdale-based engines of the Pennsylvania Northern Railroad pictured in the background.
November 16 sees rain dowse the area as they bring up a trio of Silverliner II's led by former Reading Company Class REB-13 RDG 9008 on the northbound portion of the trip and ...
former Pennsylvania Railroad Class MP-85 PRR 202 on the southbound leg. SPAX 9009 was in the middle.
The next day, Silverliner II 9016, 252 and 259 made the trip.
The next day it was a pair of Silverliner II's, 209 and 218.

To end out the month, on November 29 it was a pair of Silverliner IV's, 277 and 412. On a side note, it was a banner day for freight power as there were nine engines in the yard (pictured in the background): four on an outlawed CSX C746 and the five PNRR engines that can be found there almost every day.

On November 30 Silverliner II 9006 makes a return trip with Silverliner III 229.

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