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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 12/18/2011

SEPTA/CSX Stony Creek Branch Norristown PA December 13 2011
Things have been relatively quiet around Lansdale since the changes back in August. To recap, Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad (PNRR) had taken over operations of the Lansdale Cluster which included the Bethlehem, Doylestown and Warminster Branches, and CSX had assumed control of the entire Stony Creek Branch. Since then, PNRR mostly runs at night, and CSX has yet to be seen during the day, so when it was reported that C746 had derailed on December 12 2011 on its way down the Stony Creek, it was just like old times.
Just east (railroad west) of Germantown Pike, the lead unit GP40-2 4422 stayed on the rails.
The two trailing units and eight box cars however did not. Terra Railroad Services was called in to rectify the situation, arriving the next day, and they brought out two Sidewinders to do the job.
GP40-2 6247 had only its rear truck on the ground, which was fixed in short order.
Next was GP40-2 6318, which was in a more precarious state due to the poor condition of the rails and ties. While Terra attended to the engine, CSX track employees repaired the tracks ahead in order to move 6318 so they could get to the meat of the problem: the eight box cars which were situated in a far less accessible area.

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