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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 01/08/2012

NS/CSAO Morrisville Yard Morrisville PA September 1999

Like the passenger pigeon, Conrail units once roamed the Northeast and Midwest in huge numbers, and like its avian friend, the Conrail painted locomotive is destined for extinction. As of the beginning of 2012, there were just over two dozen left, and their lives in blue are on borrowed time.

Back in 1999, just a few months after the Conrail split, it was hard to imagine not seeing Big Blue engines like NS D8-40C 8310, the former CR C40-8 6045.

Its wide cab sibling, NS D8-40CW 8320 (CR C40-8W 6061), had its cab repainted in blue when the new number was applied and features the interlocking PRR logo.
NS D8-40CW 8420 (CR C40-8W 6231) has the more spartan PRR on the white renumbering patch with a black NS decal just below it, for good measure.
NS D8-40CW 8437 (CR C40-8W 6261) got the spartan treatment as well, and its blue paint displays the "chalking" that comes with old age.
NS C39-8 8209 (CR 6015) was one of the few C39-8's that got the Conrail Quality paint scheme. From NS, it received the black number patch with white numbers and the plain PRR.
For those former Conrail engines not retired or sold off before the appointment with the paint booth, black goes with everything as with NS 8334 D40-8W (CR C40-8W 6083) which sports the interlocking PRR in white, adding a touch of class. Of course, the new repaints will wear the current Horsehead scheme.

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