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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 08/19/2012

SEPTA Lansdale Station Lansdale PA May 25 2012

A rather uneventful train on a rather common day. SEPTA 551 was about to depart Lansdale and head into town with Silverliner V 708 leading. Except for the bike race ad on the side, it was a case of the "new" usual suspects. As it prepared to leave, I switched to HD video to capture the moment. Here is how I saw it, and the camera saw it the same as well.

But a funny thing happened on the computer. It would seem that somewhere between the CPU, the external USB hard drive, the video card and/or the monitor, the machine saw it a little differently. The term for the effect is compression artifacting, in fact errors in the decoding of the video image ...
but to my eye at least, the results made me think of what a 19th Century impressionist's take on this 21st Century scene might have looked like. Some of the frames varied only slightly.
But others, whoa! For some reason, this shot of 708 was especially appealing. So this could be art, huh? Coming up with a definition of art is usually as easy as nailing Jell-O to a wall, therefore using that as a guideline, I guess this could qualify as art.
The results were unpredictable and varied, ranging from a mostly accurate photographic image ...
to a wildly obscure and almost abstract point of view.

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