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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 12/01/2013

NS Harrisburg and Morrisville Lines November and December 2013
Norfolk Southern has been dropping the gift of ties along the Harrisburg and Morrisville Lines the past month. Pictured here at Abrams Yard a week before Thanksgiving is NS 90M with a pair of high hood GP38-2's bracket a string of tie gondolas festooned in the typical NS maintenance of way color: "St. Joseph's Aspirin for Children" orange.
The first week of December saw the train, now called 946 and pulling NS and Conrail gondolas, dropping ties along Track 2 east of Abrams in Swedeland PA.
The next day they were calling themselves 90M again and had only a couple gondolas between them as they had cut off the empties and were heading into the Heavy Yard at Abrams in search of more loaded cars.
The day after that they could be found between CP Norris and the Harrisburg Line and CP Kalb and the SEPTA Norristown Line, dropping off ties on the former Track 2.
Just to keep things fresh, Train 01PH (using the term "train" loosely) ran from Abrams up to CP King on the Morrisville Line to drop off cars on the Earnest Runner. The Brandt R4 Power Unit pinch-hitting for a real live engine barely made it up the grade with the seven loaded gondolas.

All pictures November and December 2013

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