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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 5/11/2014

CXS Trenton Line CP Wood and Woodbourne Station PA March 23 2014
The CSX Trenton Line is on the cusp of major changes. The completion of the double stack clearance project will soon allow intermodals like Q190/Q191 to run directly from Philadelphia to New Jersey, as most trains like this Q410 do. That means no more NS Harrisburg Line/NS Morrisville Line routing.
The second major change will be the restoration of a third track between CP Wood and Yardley. That means layout changes at all the grade crossings.
The implementation of PTC and the incompatibilty of the differing systems chosen by SEPTA and CSX make this a necessity, but the deluge of oil trains like this K045 make it an absolute convenience for CSX. With the separation, CSX freights will no longer be held at CP Trent and CP Wood waiting for SEPTA clearance and no more through freights under wires. CSX locals C770 and C746 will be the only freight trains that will still operate on SEPTA territory.
Instead, CSX will now control dispatching with the Trenton Line becoming essentially a single track for freight with the choke points moved to CP Wing and CP Nesh. It will also mean no more CSX trains passing each other between CP Wood and CP Trent like this.

All pictures March 23, 2014

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