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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 10/5/2014

Hyundai Rotem Plant South Philadelphia PA September 13 2014
Having finished the 120 car SEPTA order last year, Hyundai Rotem is now cranking out the 75 cars for MBTA, albeit 2.5 years behind schedule and reportedly buggy to boot.
Initially, access to the plant was from the south. The first SEPTA cars were delivered via this route, from which the rails are now gone south of Oregon Avenue. The heavyweight car to the left is in the Savage Transload Yard (the former Conrail South Philadelphia Flexi-Flo facility).
North of Oregon does not look much better, a far cry from what is was when the SEPTA deliveries started in 2010 or even before the facility was under construction back in 2008.
The Wolf Street end to the north is apparently where the cars are now released to CSX which takes them out to and down Delaware Avenue (aka Columbus Boulevard) to Greenwich Yard.
Nice to see that H-R has decided to "go green" when it comes to right-of-way maintenance.

All pictures September 13, 2014

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