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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 11/08/2015

SEPTA Ninth Street Station Lansdale PA September and October 2015

A station is born : Part Seven of a continuing series

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They have started to grade the new Ninth Street extension to Kenilworth Avenue and have put up the forms for the curbs at the station entrance. September 28 2015
Grading of the permanent parking lot continues.
The stone base for the asphalt has been delivered and the parking lot layout is being staked. October 7 2015
The curb has been poured and soon they would be clearing out the rest of the Ninth Street extension. October 13 2015
Work on landscaping, drainage and parking lot continues. October 13 2015
The base of the entrance canopy is being erected while grading continues. October 19 2015
Ninth Street extension has been graded and the stone base spread. October 22 2015
Remember that curb they poured? They changed their mind and removed it, instead setting up a guide for the curb pouring machine that they would be bringing in. October 22 2015
The parking lot takes shape thanks to the curb pouring machine. October 27 2015
A few days later, the parking lot is ready for the stone base. October 30 2015
Stone base ready to be spread. October 31 2015
Meanwhile, with the stone base already spread, Ninth Street is ready for asphalt.

All pictures September and October 2015

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