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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 10/23/2016

CSX Trenton Line CP Berry Philadelphia PA October 13 2016

Earlier this month, Hurricane Matthew caused problems in the southeast. CSX activated their Hurricane Operational Plan on October 5, suspending operations in Florida and Georgia and limiting service north of Savannah GA to North Carolina. By October 10 the lines from Rocky Mount south to Florida had been substantially restored, but recovery work continues weeks later.

To alleviate the backlog down south, CSX reinstituted recently abolished trains Q438 and Q439, but to fill immediate needs, they have dispatched specials like train X808, here at CP Berry on the Trenton Line.

In keeping with the unusual nature of the train, the consist featured eleven intermodal wells up front, looking a lot like the new train Q192 ...
followed by a mix of just about every kind of freight car imaginable: high and low side gondolas, lumber flats, hi-cubes, boxcars, open and covered hoppers and tank cars.
A number of the gondolas had loads of marble, a staple of train Q410.
At the hind end, another string of gondolas, this time mostly empty, and more variety.

All pictures October 13 2016

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