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About Peninsula Ntrak

We are an Ntrak Model Railroad club in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Since 1991 we have been doing mostly local shows but many of our members have traveled with their modules to conventions all up and down the west coast. We use the most basic Ntrak standard, The red, yellow, and standard alignment blue lines. We are know for having some great looking modules and for layouts that run well.

Our planned events for 2012

May 26th & 27th
Ione Railfair- Ione, CA

Link to the Ione Railfair

August 25th & 26th
Centennial Celebration
Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum,
Sunnyvale, CA
Link to the Heritage Park Museum

September 15th & 16th
Great Train Expo - San Jose,
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

Link to the Great Train Expo

September 22rd & 23rd
Los Altos Train Days
Los Altos History Museum

Link to the Los Alto History Museum