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POTB 80 ton GE 110
Port of Tillamook Bay 110

Tillamook, Oct. 13, 1978. Photo by Keith Ardinger
courtesy of Ken Ardinger

Tillamook, June 1976. Photo by Lloyd Palmer

Reporting Marks: POTB

Model: GE 80 Ton center cab switcher Built: Oct., 1943
Builder's Num: 18059    
Motor: 2-Cummins NHBIS-600 (V-6) Horsepower: 275x2
Axles-Powered: 4-4 Comments:  

United States Navy 65-00285   Oakland, Calif.
Tillamook County Naval Airport Comm. 1    
Port of Tillamook Bay 110    
Oregon Coastline Express 110   Scrapped 1994

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