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OmniTRAX Leasing 201

Cochran, Oregon. May, 1999. Photo by Jody Moore
Tillamook, Oregon. January, 2000. Photo by Dean Barbour

Reporting Marks: OMLX

Model: EMD SD-9 Built: March, 1958
Builder’s Num: 23936 Frame Num: 5555-26
Motor: EMD 16-567C Horsepower: 1750
Axles-Powered: 6-6 Comments: No plow. Bell on front. Ditch lights.

Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range 156
California Northern 201
OmniTRAX Leasing 201 Worked on Utah Ry., Leased by POTB since 2/99

Unit is facing towards: Tillamook

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