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DLMX 274

Daylight Locomotive Works 274

Buxton, Oregon. Dec., 2001. Photo by Jody Moore
Brooklynn, Oregon. Sept., 2001. Photo by Jody Moore

Reporting Marks: DLM
Model: EMD F7A Built: Oct., 1950
Builder's Num: 110066 Frame Num:  
Motor: 16-567B Horsepower: 1500
Axles-Powered: 4-4 Comments: Headlight in door added after restoration by DLM.

Great Northern Railway 274B    
Burlington Northern RR 610    
Seattle and North Coast RR 101 c. 1981 Seattle, WA
Pete Replinger (?) 101 c. 1990 Mineral, WA
Daylight Locomotive (D. McCormack) 274 c. 1996 Portland, OR


The 274 was used along with the RFRX 4203 for three Christmas passenger specials between Banks and Timber, run by Pacific Sunset Railtours. It may see future use.


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