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Rick Franklin Corp. 4203

Banks, Oregon. January, 2000. Photo by Camron Settlemier
Tillamook, Oregon. February, 2000. Photo by Jody Moore

Reporting Marks: RFRX

Model: GE B23-7 Built: April, 1978
Builder’s Num: 41913 Batch Num: 1451-8
Motor: FDL-12 Horsepower: 2,300
Axles-Powered: 4-4 Comments: Small plows on both ends.

Conrail 1906
Metro North Commuter Railroad 1906
MNCW 804
Burlington Northern-Santa Fe 4203
Rick Franklin Corp. 4203 12/99 Contract rail rebuilder. Units in service on the POTB as of 1/00.

Unit is facing towards: Banks

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