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POTB RDC-1 553
Port of Tillamook Bay 553

Garibaldi, Oregon. Photo by Rick Andrews
Portland, Oregon. April 16, 2000. Photo by Jody Moore

Reporting Marks: POTB
Model: Budd RDC-1 Built: June, 1953
Axles-Powered: 4-4 Comments: Used in Oregon Coast Explorer passenger excursion service.

Central New Jersey RR 553 Commuter service  
New Jersey DOT 553 12-2-1976  
New Jersey Transit 553 1-1-1983  
NJT 5192   Renumbered
Citizens Better Transit 553 1986 Portland, Ore.
Port of Tillamook Bay 553 April, 2000 Tillamook, Ore.

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