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Spirit of Oregon 701

Rocky Point, Wash. Photographer and date unknown.
Garrison, Mont. August, 1998. Photo by Jody Moore

Reporting Marks: OCEX

Model: Alco C-415 Built: Nov., 1968
Builder’s Num: 6018-1
Motor: Alco 251F (V-8) Horsepower: 1500
Axles-Powered: 4-4 Comments: Optional high cab, high-adhesion trucks

Columbia & Cowlitz 701 Longview, Wash.
Oregon Coastline Express 701 Private enterprise owned by Robert Steele.
Spirit of Oregon Dinner Train 701 c. 1992 Roy, Ore., then to Hood River, Ore. in 1997
Burlington Junction Ry. 701? 1998 Sold to shortline in Burlington, Iowa

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