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Conrail Photos

Conrail Photos

For some reason I don't have many of my own conrail photo's. I have a few ones that I am proud to say are mine, but most of the ones i have were taken by others. One of these days I will get alot of my own photos and make everyone else's go away. Nah..i'm not that mean, I like showing off other peoples pictures. Besides I am not that good of a photographer as most!!

The last final voyage of the Conrail Executive train from Conway over to Altoona, and thanks to a friend I was lucky enough to know it was coming and catch a picture of it. May 14, 1999. Conrail Photo Number One

Again the Conrail Executive train. May 14, 1999. Conrail Photo Number Two

Wilmerding, Pa. The very first time I ever saw a crew change was when this shot was taken. I unfortunatly do not remember when this was. I found it to be very fasciniating too how they could get on the train heading one direction and then five minuets later come back, on the exact same track but going the opposite direction but the train was also switched. Conrail Photo Number Three

Derry, PA...about 15 minuets outside of Latrobe, PA....45 minuets away from Johnstown, PA. Great place to watch trains. May 20, 1999. Conrail Photo Number Four

Wilmerding, PA. I thought it would be kinda neat to have a shot of the signals and the tracks with which I watch my trains come through so very often. Conrail Photo Number Five

This was out in Cheswick, PA. I was at a park with my cousins, or maybe I was at a park by myself..I forget, but I heard a train and I walked to the edge of the park and found what else but a conrail line! I however missed the train but I found that the picture between the tracks and the river in the background was magnificent. And I wanted to share that with you. Conrail Photo Number Six

Not only do I do train watching, But I find it very fascinating to see the workers in action. This man, Dave, really didn't want me to get his picture while he was working, he didn't want the distraction, so I asked him very politely if I could get a picture of him by his truck. He agreed. I did not bother him after that. But I think that we need to respect the people that work there tail ends off so that us foamers have something to actually see. We tend to forget the people in the background. Conrail Photo Number Seven

The darling Tony Kimmel took this photo as well as many others I ahve on my website. I bow in awe. :-) Conrail Photo Number Eight

Another Tony shot. Conrail Photo Number Nine

This is another great Tony's obviously a GP70MAC...I think I recall him saying something about it being at the shops in Juanita. Conrail Photo Number Ten