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CSXT Photos, Part II

CSXT Photos, Part II

The pictures on this page are not mine. They have all been takin by a guy named Matt. Matt lives in West Virginia, but that doesn't stop him from takin pictures of trains that we do see here in Pennsylvania. ('sides...West Virginia is just right over the road from me)

This is the CSX first re-paint; 8767, former CR 5525 and was seen in 1999, just a few days after being released from the Huntington, WV shops, approximatly 150 miles south on the Ohio River. CSXT Photo Number Eight

This is benwood in Summer and this is a AEPX Coal train waiting for the W&LE to pick it up to take it to Another AEP plant 20 Miles North. This is Benwoods Primary use today, 1 coal train. The SD60 is only 10 Owned CSX SD60's, since the merger theres been an increase of SD60's CSXT Photo Number Nine

This is Benwoods local for April of 96, Its at Cammer, WV taking the local South to Brooklen Jct, WV, the main yard in the Area. The Train will make it to Brooklen but the Unit will not as its Switched off at AEP's Cammers and Mitchells plant were another 2 Axle unit will take it down to Brooklen and the SBD Unit will take that train North CSXT Photo Number Ten

This is the only CSX caboose painted in the Bright Future scheme, there is also a slug set waiting for it's next assignment. This picture was taken in June of 1997. CSXT Photo Number Eleven

A train about to depart from Parkerburg, WV in the lower yard. This train will be heading to Huntington WV. CSXT Photo Number Twelve

This shot was taken in April of 98 in St Marys West Virginia on the Ohio River Sub. CSXT Photo Number Thirteen