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Norfolk Southern Photos

Norfolk Southern Photos

Norfolk Southern has just began its journey here in Pennsylvania, and I am proud to say that I captured on film my very first sighting of an NS train here in the 'Burgh. I don't have very many NS photos, I have not seen very many to tell you the truth. The merger came along and everyone vowed that black and white is all I'd see...I aim to disagree. I've seen more CR and more forgien power than I have black and white. Anyhow, i've scrounged up all my ns photos, and a few borrowed ones...enjoy.

My very first NS unit I ever saw in the Pittsburgh area. This was in Wilmerding, PA...about two miles west of the Pitcairn intermodal Terminal. NS Photo Number One

This was taken by Tony Kimmel...I have alot of his photos and find them to be much better than any of mine. I don't really know anything about this picture, but I thought I'd share it with you anyhow.NS Photo Number Two

This is another shot by Tony, and another good one might I add. NS Photo Number Three