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Other Railroads, Part II

Other Railroads Photos, Part II

Due To the Immense amount of "other railroads" I have shots of, I needed to create a part two on this section of Photos. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to do the same with my NS, and CR sections.

Another beautiful work of art from our dear kind anonymous man. Other Railroads Photo Number Seven

I think maybe this guy should take photos for a railroad magazine, don't you agree? Other Railroads Photo Number Eight

This is not my photo, and actually there is a copyright on the top of the picture, but I couldn't help it, because it's Thomas the Tank Engine!! The cutest steam engine to date Other Railroads Photo Number Nine

This photo was taken by Charlie Harris, who was gracious enough to allow me to use his photo. If you would like you may visit his web site at Other Railroads Photo Number Ten

This is a very old, narrow gauge steam locomotive. They called it the Waynie. Don't recall the background behind that too well. It was orginally and black and white drawing, BUT was worked on by a good artist friend of mine, Jim. He was kind enough to send it to me and allow me to place it on my website. Other Railroads Photo Number Eleven