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PA Shortlines

PA Shortline Photos

Here in the 'Burgh I see lots of trains. Some of them I have no honest clue as to what they are, some of them it doesn't take much to figure out. It's those shortlines that befuddle me the most often. You see 'em, and they are just sittin there and you wonder, what is there purpose if you never see them in action? That is what the AVR (Allegheny Valley Railroad) does. I have never seen it move. I would like to add that at PRR's peak, the AVR was owned by them. The Union Railroad is constantly running in front of my house, and a kind soul informed me that that line in particular is owned by US Steel, and connects with the Bessemer and Lake Erie. The Union Railroad, howsoever, is going under, and we don't know how much longer we have to enjoy their presence runnin along the front of our house. I don't have any developed pictures of the URR, but when I do get them I'll be sure to post them.

Verona, PA, along the Allegheny River. On the other side of the river runs Conrail (now Norfolk Southern). This is the Allegheny Valley Railroad. Shortline Photo Number One

Again in Verona, PA. Shortline Photo Number Two

Evans City, PA. Buffalo and Pittsburgh. Taken by Mr Zak Agresto, you can view the rest of his photos at, Trains of the Eastern Seaboard. I have forgotten the story behind this train, and picture, even though I was there when it was taken. :-) Shortline Photo Number Three

Again, Evans City, PA. Buffalo and Pittsburgh RR. This photo was also taken by Zak. These photos were taken sometime during one of the snowy months, I'd like to say Feburary of '99, but I think it was more like Janurary. Shortline Photo Number Four