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For those of you who are just dying to know about the webmaster here's your chance to find out a FEW things about me. My name is Dawn, and I moved to Pittsburgh PA from Houston TX almost two years ago now...which was a truly dreadful move. The only sane thing that was offered around here was the ability to go out and watch all the trains in the area, odd sounding from a female, yes, but that's just me. At one point I decided I was not going to go to college or anything of that sort, but I have changed my mind since I made that decision. Currently, I am attending classes at Community College, workin on getting 24 credits so i can transfer to larger university. I have hopes in majoring in Biology/Pre-Med. I want to be a Pediatric Neurologist. As far as a job goes, currently I work at a cardiologists office out in Wilkinsburg/East Liberty PA. It's so awesome because we have Conrails Pittsburgh line running right across the street from our office. I don't do anything there at the office but play on the computer really, but it's money I suppose. When I first started this website I never really intended to start a website; infact I was actually in deep search for some pictures of how Pittsburgh looked back in the steel age because I really wanted to see what the rails were like back then. Unfortunatly I have yet to find any of those pictures, but what I have found has intrigued me beyond all definition and I had to share to everyone what I had found. How did I become interested in trains you might ask? I had a past love he used to work for Amtrak, and then Norfolk Southern...but during out courtship he taught me alot, and now I continue to learn even though he and I are no longer. Well that about sums it up, me in a nutshell I suppose you could say!! If you would like to know anything more about me don't hesitate to ask.

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