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Combine Trains
Combine Trains

23-April-2004 - Last Case-IH Unit Train
The Case-IH plant in East Moline shut it doors down forever in August of 2004, but it produced those shinny red combines until the end. In April of 2004, the BNSF ran the last unit Case-IH combine train which consisted of about 48 flatcars or 96 combines. These would not be the last Case-IH combines to run on the rails, they could be found mixed in with John Deere combines on their unit trains and mixed in with freights.

BNSF U-EMLMCI1-23 @ East Moline, IL. BNSF U-EMLMCI1-23 @ Barstow, IL. BNSF U-EMLMCI1-23 @ Orion, IL.

Spring/Summer 2005
John Deere, the IC&E, and the BNSF teamed up to ship combines once every two weeks throughout the Spring and Summer of 2005. The IC&E switched the Harvester Works, set up the unit trains, and interchanged them to the BNSF. The BNSF handled the combines from East Moline to McCook, IL where they were interchanged to the Norfolk Southern for transport to Baltimore for export.


ICE L910-24 & BNSF D-GALEML1-24, 7th St; East Moline, IL. BNSF U-EMLMCI1-24, Barstow, IL. BNSF U-EMLMCI1-24, Orion, IL.


ICE L910-16, 7th St; East Moline, IL. BNSF U-EMLMCI1-16, Rte 6; Briar Bluff, IL. BNSF U-EMLMCI1-16, Orion, IL.


ICE L910-09, 7th St; East Moline, IL. 09-Feb-2005 BNSF U-EMLMCI1-27 @ MP 35, Warner, IL. 27-Apr-2005

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