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Engine 5

Rahway Valley Railroad #5

Type: 0-6-0T
Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Construction #: 6305
Year Built: 08/1882
Drivers: 44-1/2"
Cylinders: 15" x 22"
Notes: Ex - Central Railroad of New Jersey #710, nee #23.
Purchased 04/1905 from J.E. Bowen, Norfolk, Va.
Sold 1913 or 1914.


Engine #5
Collection of the late Mary McCoy.


#5 was constructed by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in August, 1882 for use on the Central Railroad of New Jersey. This locomotive was among a class of six small 0-6-0T built for the CRR of NJ by Baldwin from 1880 to 1882. Originally bearing the number #23, the engine was later renumbered #710 in 1903.


Through a railroad equipment broker by the name of J.E. Bowen of Norfolk, Virginia, the Rahway Valley Railroad acquired #5 in April of 1905 (Source: Frye). At the time of #5's purchase the RVRR was being extended to Summit. #5 probably saw use on work trains engaged in the line's construction.


Due to stiff grades and the locomotive's low tractive effort, #5 must've had limited use on the Rahway Valley Railroad. Not only that, #5 was in poor repair. The following was mentioned in a 1909 report, "Locomotive No. 5 reported to be in need of repairs, and officials of the road advised that the repairs will be made. It was recommended that the locomotives be subjected to hydrostatic test, and that steam gauges be tested every thirty days."


#5 was sold off in either 1913 or 1914 to a contractor (Source: Frye).


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