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The "Summit Tower"

The "Summit Tower"

An ex-Erie-Lackawanna MU passenger train rolls past the tower and into the Summit Station. By this time passenger service was being operated by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. Photo taken in August, 1984.

See the tower today.Photo taken by Jeff Jargosch.

In Summit the DL&W (later E-L) had a tower built into a rentention wall, just beyond the edge of the east end of the station platform. In terms of what it was used for by the DL&W, that is unknown to this author. However in the 1960's the RVRR would receive their waybills from this tower. The RVRR would run the engine up to the tower to receive their waybills and the operator would lower them down to the RVRR Crew on a string attached with a spring clip.


















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