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union pacific
The Union pacific Salt lake sub, is allways jumping with activity.
A major hub for the western US, salt lake also produces many products that are exported via railroad. Copper from kennecott, Steel from Geneva steel, and last but not least COAL, lots, and lots of coal.

I have found out from a friend that the winged logo will be returning on the new SD70s!
Union Pacific reports, that the winged logo will be painted on all the engines as they get the chance to paint them.
On 28-june-00 I seen three of the new SD-70s (4002, 4001, and 4000) pulling TOFCs in centerville. I must say that I LIKE the winged logo.

Engine pictures
Monday July 31 Union Pacific had engine 3985 in Utah. The challengers are HUGE.
Steam engine 3985
For a look at the size check this out. Here I look small, and I'm 5'10"
I you want to see it, the locomotive will return Saturday September 29th. In the Provo yard.

SD40-2 3353
Dash-9 9357
SW1500 1088
SD60 5078.
GP15s Y364, Y1570, Y341. These three units are switching at the "North yard"
GP40 Y1996
SW1500 Y1090

Rolling stock pictures

Pre-fab turnout car.
40442 Open top hopper.
40415 Open top hopper.
77990 Center flow hopper.
97526 Gondola

Maintenance of way pictures

MOW crane/truck 47919.
Chev suburban This vehicle belongs with the 3985, and the 844

Check out the Union pacific homepage.(official)