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California Zephyr dome cars California Zephyr dome cars

Photo above of a CZ obs in Chicago 2/70 {Lance Erickson/Dave Varilek}

"CZ" CARS (other "Zephyr" trains further down the page)

The "CZ" cruise train was a joint operation of the Chicago Burlington & Quincy, the Denver & Rio Grande Western, and Western Pacific. Car ownership was factored based on the percentage of route miles operated by each railroad.
Six trainsets were required, with each set carrying three dome coaches, a dome dorm-buffet-lounge, and a dome sleeper-observation car in addition to additional non-dome stock.

(click the links below for history and photos of each car)

COACHES - (18) - DRGW-4, WP-7, CBQ-7

DRGW 1105 Silver Bronco
DRGW 1106 Silver Colt
DRGW 1107 Silver Mustang
DRGW 1108 Silver Pony

WP 811 Silver Dollar
WP 812 Silver Feather
WP 813 Silver Palace
WP 814 Silver Sage
WP 815 Silver Schooner
WP 816 Silver Scout
WP 817 Silver Thistle

CBQ 4716 Silver Bridle
CBQ 4717 Silver Lodge
CBQ 4718 Silver Lariat
CBQ 4719 Silver Ranch
CBQ 4720 Silver Rifle
CBQ 4721 Silver Saddle
CBQ 4722 Silver Stirrup


DRGW 1140 Silver Shop

WP 831 Silver Chalet
WP 832 Silver Hostel

CBQ 250 Silver Club
CBQ 251 Silver Lounge
CBQ 252 Silver Roundup


DRGW 1145 Silver Sky

WP 881 Silver Crescent
WP 882 Silver Planet

CBQ 375 Silver Horizon
CBQ 376 Silver Penthouse
CBQ 377 Silver Solarium
CBQ 378 Silver Lookout (protection car)

The other "Zephyr" trains were CBQ only (not "pool" equipment.

"Kansas City Zephyr"
2 consists - a dorm-buffet-lounge and a square-end parlor-observation in each

320 Silver Garden - dorm-buffet-lounge
321 Silver Patio - dorm-buffet-lounge

365 Silver Terrace - parlor-observation
366 Silver Tower - parlor-observation

"Denver Zephyr"
2 consists - a coach, dorm-coffee shop, and a square-end parlor-observation in each

4735 Silver Buckle - coach
4736 Silver Brand - coach

253 Silver Cup - dorm-coffee shop
254 Silver Kettle - dorm-coffee shop

235 Silver Chateau - parlor-observation
236 Silver Veranda - parlor-observation

"Twin Zephyr"
2 consists - 4 coaches and an lounge-observation in each

4723 Silver Bluff - coach
4724 Silver Glade - coach
4725 Silver Island - coach
4726 Silver River - coach
4727 Silver Stream - coach
4728 Silver Wave - coach
4729 Silver Scene - coach
4730 Silver Vision - coach

360 Silver View - lounge-observation
361 Silver Vista - lounge-observation

note: homebuilt 4714 Silver Dome was assigned to the Twin Zephyr in the early years, and to "balance" the 2 consists, 4709 Silver Castle was constructed by the CBQ shops.

additional note: the food service cars on the Denver Zephyr and Kansas City Zephyr trains had a dorm for the food service attendant. On the California Zephyrs there were 2 dorm rooms, one for the attendant, and the other for the "Zephyrette".

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